Why Us

Homes and buy-to-let investments are very much in demand in Germany – and especially in the capital, Berlin. More and more people are looking for a place to live, more and more investors for places to invest their capital. There is no shortage of real estate companies in Berlin: over 1,400 estate agents are listed on online platforms in Berlin alone. So why should you as a client go to Sigal & Sapiro Real Estate?

The 360-degree service
from Sigal & Sapiro

We are more than just an estate agent, because we firmly believe that excellent advice, a personal relationship with the client and all-round support before, during and after the purchase are the foundations for the satisfaction of our clients – and hence our success. Sigal & Sapiro Real Estate’s mission is for clients to get from us what they want and what suits them.

For our national and international clients we offer our legendary 360-degree service, covering all the services associated with real estate investments. That means our clients save time, because the team of experts at Sigal & Sapiro Real Estate handles all the formalities and obligations under German building legislation and real estate law that require so much time and knowledge. All the elements and services that go to make up the 360-degree service can be found in our service portfolio.

Many of our clients are situated not in Berlin, but throughout Europe. We meet up once a month in London, Moscow and other European capitals. We are also planning to set up meeting points in many cities so that we can advise clients in their own home country.

Our managing directors Mark Sigal and Dr. Ilja Sapiro are well-travelled, interculturally aware real estate experts with many years of experience. While Sigal built up his expertise as a business and real estate developer for a major Russian retail chain, Dr. Sapiro gained his knowledge of the purchase, redevelopment, optimisation and onward sale of real estate through his own chain of clinics. Together the managing directors of Sigal & Sapiro offer more than 20 years of real estate expertise.

On-site service:
from Berlin through
London to Moscow

Four languages in the top team

Another key element of Sigal & Sapiro is the team: at present the Berlin real estate company has a highly qualified staff of ten who not only enjoy working together, but also share their leisure time. As well as German and English, Russian and Spanish are also spoken in the office, enabling us to serve our international clients in their own mother tongue. The personal approach of our colleagues and the family atmosphere also transmit themselves to the clients, because Sigal & Sapiro Real Estate is known for its extraordinarily good and warm customer-staff relations. That allows the internal and external procedures involved in a real estate investment to proceed smoothly and rapidly.

The 360-degree service is only achievable with the help of our outstanding team, because as a full-service real estate service provider Sigal & Sapiro Real Estate acts as both an agent and a consultant for real estate. As part of the all-round support we provide for our international clients, we handle the processes for opening an account at a German bank. We also offer a comprehensive network of strong and reliable partners extending from solicitors to carpenters.

We understand
our clients

At Sigal & Sapiro Real Estate we don’t just buy and sell for others: we also invest in real estate on our own behalf. That means we know the needs of all sides and can put ourselves in the position of each of our clients. The quality characteristic of an outstanding real estate agent is not the sale, but client-centred advice that benefits the client.

We, Mark Sigal and Dr. Ilja Sapiro, will help you find the ideal real estate, whether to live in or as a buy-to-let investment. In us, you have a business partner in whom you can have absolute trust, because trust is the key to successful, long-term cooperation.