Sigal & Sapiro
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Mark Sigal
expert in property management

Mark Sigal was born in Saint Petersburg and grew up speaking four languages (German, English, Russian and Spanish). After graduating from high school, he studied hotel management in Spain. Milestones in his career included living abroad from 1998 to 2002 in Spain and Moscow, where he worked until 2010. He was employed in the Russian capital as Real Estate Development Director at the largest Russian jewellery chain, "Gold 585". In this strategic post he was responsible for selecting properties for more than 700 branches in the chain and for calculating profitability and viability prior to their occupation.

Professional real estate management is one of the core areas of expertise of Sigal, who worked for a large real estate developer in Moscow. Mark Sigal has invested privately in real estate and knows the needs of all parties in real estate sales. He can see things from the perspective of both the buyer and the vendor, which is why he finds it easy to put himself in the position of his clients.

Buy-to-let investment advisor

Since returning to Berlin, he has been in the buy-to-let investment business at the top end of the market, negotiating sales of high-end real estate and adding further partners to his extensive network. In the course of expanding the business, he started his own enterprise with his old friend and business partner Dr Ilja Sapiro. Mark Sigal is the real estate expert to talk to about buy-to-let capital investments in Berlin and Germany.

Dr. Ilja Sapiro
expert in property development

Dr Ilja Sapiro studied dentistry, graduating with a Master of Science degree in oral implantology. After completing his studies, he built up a chain of more than 10 dental clinics in London from 2007 to 2016, in each case taking the role of founder and managing director. The first step involved finding the right properties for clinics and evaluating their suitability. The clinics were then furnished, staffed and advertised so that the investment was recouped and yielded a return. The overarching goal and strategic plan was to set up a network of clinics in London and the surrounding area in properties which paid for themselves and turned a profit as quickly as possible.

Dr Sapiro was particularly interested in real estate development. While he was building up his chain of clinics in Great Britain he would buy rundown properties, do them up and then sell them as refurbished dwellings. The experience gleaned over many years and the strategic approach to buying suitable properties are key factors in the success of Dr Sapiro.

High degree of expertise in Buy-To-Let Investments

Dr Sapiro is very interested in real estate law and the relevant contracts, so he quickly turned his passion into expertise in valuing properties and assessing every aspect of their potential. His in-depth legal knowledge, understanding of due diligence and experience with problematic purchase processes make him an authority on real estate of a magnitude to which many estate agents and companies can only aspire.

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