360-degree service

An investment in real estate, whether in a residential property or a capital asset, is a very time-consuming process which calls for an in-depth knowledge of building legislation and real estate law. Many building contractors, aspiring homeowners and investors are not afraid of the amount of input required, but they often wish they had professional support with all the aspects of the process and with all the formalities and obligations involved in real estate.

We want to iron out any potential problems and minimise the time it takes for our clients to get their real estate, which is why we at Sigal & Sapiro Real Estate offer a 360-degree service, collaborating with our business partners to provide you with all the services you need in connection with residential property or buy-to-let investments. Our end-to-end service also includes taking care of important legal and administrative matters before and after the real estate is purchased, making the complex process of buying transparent and more straightforward. Leave the paperwork and legal intricacies to us and let us do the work for you!

360-degree service: all angles covered by Sigal & Sapiro

The full package of services for buyers covers all the necessities encountered in the purchase of real estate. Our full package includes the following services:


Although we act primarily as brokers and consultants, we do also deal with financing. We line up the right finance partners and pave the way for the application to be processed swiftly. We put clients and banks in touch with each other to arrange the perfect loan to match their circumstances. We cultivate excellent relations with various banks and loan brokers. 

Network of cooperation partners

Sigal & Sapiro Real Estate is more than a classic estate agency, because we cover all the bases to do with property. This is particularly important for international clients, as they are rarely present and are dependent on reliable service providers. The following experts, sectors and services are available with our 360-degree package:

 Asset Management


Tax consultants

Building and real estate lawyers

 Facility Management

Property developers

Building contractors


Interior design consultants


Limousine and hotel service

Strategic real estate investment

We develop the capital investment strategy for national and international investors. We provide an informed analysis of the market, structure the selection of suitable real estate, take care of the legal matters right through to the establishment of corporate entities, and arrange the outsourcing of services to our trusted business partners. We also work on possible tax models and perform profitability calculations for our clients.

Building management

The quality of real estate is also measured by the service for owners and occupants. If something is not working or if there is an emergency, a good management system will provide prompt assistance and the support of an expert contact person. We and our partners work hard to ensure that you or your tenants are entirely satisfied with the building management service.

Interior Design

Owners and investors are increasingly relying on a fully inclusive package of home services to take care of the interior design specification. This increases the value of any real estate because a high-end finish and aesthetic decor are not to be underestimated.

Personal and discreet customer relations

At Sigal & Sapiro Real Estate we are keen to foster long-term relations with our clients. We are available for consultation before, during and after your purchase. You can rely on our personal respect and absolute discretion. We want our clients to be fully satisfied with our services and to come back to us.